All About Me

Hi, I’m Rachel but you can call me Peach, most do. It’s on my birth certificate and all, but that’s another story. 

I’m a light-chasing, photo-taking, ocean-loving, joy-dwelling, grace-begging down south, seaside West Australian girl with eyes that can’t help but linger over all things lovely, like life stories, home spaces, handmade livelihoods and beautiful things in between.

With often blown out skies and odd compositions, my style breaks a lot of the rules, I guess I’m a rebel like that. My work is always personal, and by that I mean I have probably already lost sleep by over-thinking about it that bit too much, I’ve also likely had guaranteed giddiness and second thoughts about whether I’m the right one for the job, and lastly, I’m honoured with every fibre of my being at the thought of you opening up just a small, miniscule moment of your existence to share with me. I am thankful for you & these glorious days.

Peach xx